Private Torina Channeled Readings

Half hour   $  75.00


One hour   $ 125.00

Group Torina Channeled Messages

Torina gives a general message for the group as a whole at the beginning of each group night.


Torina also sums up the evening’s messages at the end of each group night.

The second Friday of each month is Topic Torina night.  Each person chooses one topic that is of interest to the group,

then Torina discusses it, in depth.


The last Friday of each month is a general Torina night. Each person can ask at least two or three questions of a more

personal nature and Torina will give answers to and discuss the questions.


Cost is $ 30.00 per person


You must register to attend as space is limited.


Please call or text Brenda if you would like to attend, at 602-615-2450